About Airport

Tefé Airport is an important gateway to the Middle Solimões region and is strategic for local commercial activity. In addition, it is an important link between the countryside of Amazonas and the capital. Just 4 km from downtown, it has a 2,200 m runway and eight aircraft parking positions.
Surrounded by the waters of the lake of the same name, Tefé is located in the center of the international Amazon. The city stands out for its strong trade, attracting residents of neighboring cities. There is also the cradle of one of the largest forest reserves in Brazil, Mamirauá, dedicated to the protection of the Amazon Reserve.

Airport Fees

The effective use of airport areas, buildings, premises, equipment, facilities and services by airplanes and their passengers is subject to the payment of prices calculated based on Airport Tariffs, whose values are periodically readjusted, according to indexes established by the Ministry of Defense or ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) through an ordinance.

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Service Quality

We present the performance results of the services offered to passengers monthly, measured through the Service Quality Indicators – IQS. Check the reports below.